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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Frank Ocean's Nostalgia, Ultra

Every now and then, a truly talented star is born in the Game.

Hailing from the innovative game changer music group, Odd Future/Wolf Gang Kill Them All, comes Frank Ocean. The all but "green" freshman exploded on the scene in late March 2011 with the release of his first mixtape, entitled Nostalgi, Ultra.

    In this album mixtape, young Ocean captures the senses and  imagination of listeners and carries them on his back through the world of Frank Ocean. Where everything is expressed through a soul/funk-infused rhythm used to vividly paint memories and emotions.
    Nostalgia,Ultra contains everything needed for the recipe of a successful start in music. Songs such as Strawberry Swing and There Will Be Tears offer the raw emotion that is too often overshadowed by over-produced beats or an artist's over-singing. We All Try, which skillfully avoids the cheesy-ness of most "statement songs", tastefully lays down Ocean's personal views. This mixtape also features many tales of love found, love lost, and broken hearts. Each subject being deeply explored across quality tracks.
    While he has only recently released his first project, to sit Frank Ocean amongst other freshmen singer/songwriters would be equvalent to noting Outkast as just another indie-hiphop group. As a matter of fact, critically-acclaimed, award winning, record breaker artists have already began taking notice...

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